Is Spray Tan Nottingham for You?

Spray Tan Nottingham is gaining popularity due to the increased knowledge about skin damage that results from not using protection during sun exposure. Tanning beds are another way that many people damage their skin in the hopes of achieving a golden glow. During the spring and summer months many people desire a deep tan to make them look more attractive while wearing skimpy fashions. Some people desire tanned skin for special occasions, such as a prom, cruise to a tropical island or wedding. Whether you obtain your tan from the sun or a tanning bed, this exposure leads to wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and increases the risk of getting skin cancer.

Using a Spray Tan Nottingham to obtain a golden glow is appropriate for the entire warm weather season or just for a special occasion or vacation. The cost of spray tanning is comparable to the rates for tanning beds. Though the effects of a spray tan only last about 7 to 10 days, it is a much wiser choice since no skin damage occurs. The spray tan covers the entire body well thus eliminating the awkward positions you must endure while trying to get an even tan by other means. It also gives you a healthy look much quicker than frequent visits to a tanning bed or exposure to sun.

Spray tans are available at most Beautification Beauty Salon and beauty shops. You may buy a one-time only spray tan or you can purchase a less expensive package for repeat spray tans to last you all season.

Preparing your body for a spray tan is not an arduous task. Typically, tanning salons ask that you shave about 24 hours before you obtain the spray tan. The salon also advises that you exfoliate your skin well. This is possible by using an exfoliating cream you already own or many salons include the exfoliation product in the spray tan price. Exfoliating the skin removes the dead skin cells that cause the spray tan to appear splotchy. This is particularly important around the ankles, knee area and elbows. Many salon owners tell you not to shower for several hours after getting the spray tan. This helps it last longer. encourages a deep, dark tan since it makes people look healthier and sometimes even thinner. Using a Spray Tan Nottingham allows you to obtain this look safely without unnecessary exposure to harmful UV rays from sun exposure or tanning beds. I

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