Project title: Talk Sense SEO Review

SEO! SEO!! SEO!!! For the past ten years or so this single topic has dominated the digital marketing industry. With the emergence of SmartPhones and with Google constantly revising policies, it is no longer that simple anymore. It is not exactly Google’s fault either. There are literally billions of sites and trillions of bytes of information out there on the web. Finding the right information in this sea of data is a nightmare for Google. It is also not easy for an SEO company, whose customers are constantly demanding results.

If you are looking for an SEO company to get you the ranking, there are two key elements you have to consider- reliability and transparency. Talk Sense SEO, a UK Based company might just be that. We’ll take a dive into Talk Sense SEO to see if they are up to the mark.

The Pros
Talk Sense SEO has a whopping 12 years of experience in this industry, so you can expect that they have evolved with the changing trends. They offer all the common services of an SEO company, such as keyword analysis, content writing, on and off page SEO and so on.

One way they are unique is for their “Competition Analysis”, where they analyze the weaknesses of your competitors’ businesses. It allows them to find loopholes, which can be keys to getting good ranking.

Another special feature Talk Sense SEO has is that they can work on a monthly basis. Most SEO companies don’t offer such since SEO is a lengthy and slow process. For Talk Sense, you are free to engage their services for a month, 2 months, 3 months or any other length of time that you choose. This flexibility actually makes them extra reliable to their clients.

Additionally, they have a weekly reporting system where you can track the movements of your site. That is good policy that all SEO companies should practice. It attributes to their transparency with clients.

The Cons
So far, I haven’t found that many cons on Talk Sense SEO except for the fact that they claim to have all their jobs done in the UK, and nothing is outsourced to any other countries, which is ridiculous. Outsourcing doesn’t diminish the quality of work. It simply reduces expenses. And for a totally in-house British company, their own official website has quite a few mistakes in English grammar- Not a good sign for a company with 12 years of experience.

All cons aside, I can say that they can be quite a good choice as an SEO company for the local British businesses.

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